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Get instant access to the recordings of this three-part scapular positioning workhsop!

This course teaches you ALL about the versatile scapulothoracic joint and its integral role in movement arts. In addition to a hearty helping of relevant anatomy and biomechanics, this online course will also arm you (…see what i did there…?) with TONS of SPECIFIC drills so that you fully understand what each scapular position should FEEL like when you’re in that sweet spot of engagement.

Here are the details of this 3 part course:

Part ONE is a 90 minute zoom-based lecture that discusses the anatomy and biomechanics of scapular positioning for the following skills:

  • pull ups
  • Push ups
  • back lever
  • inverted row
  • flag/ reverse meathook
  • twisted grip

Parts two & three are dedicated to THE DRILLS! Each of these course recordings contains 90 JAM PACKED minutes of DRILLS. You'll learn ALL the specific exercises to develop awareness, strength, and control in each of the shoulder positions discussed above.

When you purchase this on-demand workshop, you will get instant access to all three zoom recordings, the lecture handout, and a bonus Q&A video (to be released on Dec. 20th).